Cancellation Policy

We understand that sometimes circumstances mean that you cannot use your booked run. In the event of illness (of you or your dog), unexpected commitments, bad weather or other emergencies you can login to your account, cancel your run and put in a cancellation request for an auto voucher. The process of cancelling your booking to your refund voucher arriving takes roughly 1-2 mins so it is quick and easy. You can then use your voucher to book another run at a more convenient time. Cancelled run vouchers cannot be used to buy discounted run packages, they can only be used to book time on the Classic or Agility run.

We understand that if you are a regular run user you may have favourite times to run. Please do not book slots unless you have the intention of using them. Booking slots just in case you may want to use them and then cancelling on a very regular basis means that others cannot access the runs. Please think of other run users when you book runs, and make sure that you are booking runs that you expect to use. Heavy and repeated cancellation will be looked into. This does not apply to those cancelling for genuine reasons.

If circumstances mean that you have booked runs or packages but cannot use the runs for the foreseeable future and need to cancel all future runs please get in touch and we will help you with that process.

An account is required to login and cancel your run, so if you choose to checkout without making an account please be aware that you will not be able to cancel your run. We recommend that you make an account.